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Fireproof Files

Keep your records safe and secure with a fireproof file cabinet from We offer fire rated cabinets from such popular brands as Sentry Safe and Fire King, Choose from fire rated, impact rated, explosion rated, and even water proof fireproof filing cabinets to perfectly match the needs of your office or home. Have questions or need a customization? Call us at (877)442-9964

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  1. 4G3120 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentr 4G3120 4 Drawer Two Hour Fire Protection File Cabinet

    The Sentry 4G3120 4 Drawer Vertical File cabinet comes with superior 2 hour fire protection. This file is set to accommodate both legal and letter size files. This heavy duty safe has rugged supsension for drawers allowing them to slide in and out easily even when fully loaded. In addition UL, Underwriters Laboratory, has tested this file cabinet for resistance to 30ft drops and explosion hazard.

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    Compare At: $4,929.00
    Our Price: $3,210.80
    You Save: 34.86%

  2. 2G2531 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 2G2531 Vertical 2 Drawer Legal File Cabinet with Fire/Water Protection

    This product has been discontinued with stock exceptions. Please see substitution products on Call us if you have questions.

    The 2G2531  two drawer vertical file set up to hold legal and letter sized documents. It comes with a UL one hour fire rating. The The 2G2531 also has an ETL a water resistance rating. It tested as water tight after exposure to one hour of sprinkler spray. This high end file cabinet has has been tested for its strength if dropped 30 feet. It earned the UL impact rating. This digital media chest comes included when you order this fire rated cabinet! Protect hard drives, discs, tapes, memory sticks, and other digital media in this 1/2 hour fire rated case which will fit easily inside your file cabinet.

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    Compare At: $2,322.00
    Our Price: $1,287.90
    You Save: 44.53%

  3. 2G2510 Sentry Fire File -black

    Sentry 2G2510 2 Drawer File Cabinet with Fire/Impact Resistance

    This Sentry 2G2510 2 Drawer file cabinet is rated against fire, impact, and explosions. With a drawer-specific lock/unlock provision you wil have additional security by being able to isolate individual drawers. Both legal and letter size hanging file folders can fit the drawers of  this cabinet.

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    Compare At: $2,194.00
    Our Price: $959.20
    You Save: 56.28%

  4. 2G3100 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 2G3100 2 Drawer File Cabinet with Fire Rating

    SentrySafe 2G3100 Legal Vertical 2-Drawer Fire Resistant File 31" Deep. The SentrySafe 2G3100 2 Drawer Vertical Fire File is compact and economical, making it the ideal choice for both home and office. Designed with 2 drawers, it holds and protects legal size documents. The SentrySafe 2G3100 Vertical Fire File accommodates hanging file folders and each drawer includes a movable divider or follower block for supporting manila folders. It is UL Classified for 1 hour fire endurance.

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    Compare At: $2,595.00
    Our Price: $1,123.10
    You Save: 56.72%

  5. 4-2131-CSF

    4-2131-CSF Fire King Fire/Water Resistant Safe in a File

    This is a tall fireproof file cabinet with a hidden security safe. What looks like the top drawer actually conceals a 2.4 cu ft capacity security safe. Like all Fire King file cabinets, this one has a UL fire rating. It also carries a UL impact rating. Chose from our instock colors - Black, Platinum or Parchment- for quickest delivery.

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    Compare At: $6,149.00
    Our Price: $3,699.00
    You Save: 39.84%

  6. 2S2130-CSCML

    2S2130-CSCML Fire King 1 Hr Fire Rated Vertical File

    The FIre King 2S2130-CSCML is one of two vertical Signature series file cabinets. This is the two drawer model. It is designed to hold legal sized documents. This superior fireproof file cabinet has four UL ratings: 1 hour UL fire rating, UL water resistance rating, UL explosion hazard resistance rating and impact rating. When dropped 30 feet the file cabinet drawers did not break open. Along with being high end the Signature series has the advantage of coming in unique colors or chose your custom color. Also if a side gets dented or scratched, FireKing will come to your office and replace it. Two year limited warranty. Please keep in mind that each Signature file cabinet is a custom order and will take some time to ship. Chose Platinum, Black or Parchment colors for quickest delivery.

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    Our Price: $1,949.00
    You Save: 31.25%
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  7. 3G3100 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 3G3100 3 Drawer 31" Deep Vertical Fire File Cabinet

    This Sentry fire file cabinet model 3G3100 is a heavy duty locking file. It has passed the UL 30 foot drop test and earned a Ul explosion hazard resistance rating. The key lock is a plunger key lock which secures all the drawers. This vertical file comes with three drawers and you can chose between black, grey, and putty colors.

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    Compare At: $3,580.00
    Our Price: $1,525.70
    You Save: 57.38%

  8. 2G3131 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 2G3131 2 Drawer Vertical File with Fire/Water/Impact Rating

    This is a heavy duty Sentry vertical file cabinet with three way protection. It has passed the ETL one hour water spray resistance test. It has been awarded a UL 1 hour four protection label. It also was tested by UL in a 30 foot drop and the cabinet remained intact and the drawers remained locked. The 2G3131 is fitted with a Medeco key lock which carries the highest UL security rating.. This comes with a complementary Sentry Media Chest, the Sentry 1100. You can put your digital media in this chest and then store it inside your file cabinet for double protection.

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    Compare At: $2,899.00
    Our Price: $1,247.40
    You Save: 56.97%

  9. 2G3110 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 2G3110 Fire File with Fire/Impact Protection

    The 2G3100 fire file is legal width, but can be set up to store either legal or letter documents. It has a sturdy build included rugged suspensions system for the drawers. UL has given this model a one hour fire protection label and a explosion hazard protection label. This safe is a two drawer vertical fire file cabinet.

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    Compare At: $2,665.00
    Our Price: $1,151.70
    You Save: 56.78%

  10. 3-2144-2

    3-2144-2 Fire King Fire/Impact Rated Vertical Fire File

    This is a large fireproof file cabinet with superior 2 hour UL fire protection rating. The three (3)  drawers are sized to hold legal size documents. This is a vertical fire file cabinet. WIth it depth, it provides plenty of storage for files. For fastest delivery, chose from in stock colors Black, Parchment, Platinum.

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    Compare At: $5,704.00
    Our Price: $3,399.00
    You Save: 40.41%

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