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Fireproof Files

Keep your records safe and secure with a fireproof file cabinet from We offer fire rated cabinets from such popular brands as Sentry Safe and Fire King, Choose from fire rated, impact rated, explosion rated, and even water proof fireproof filing cabinets to perfectly match the needs of your office or home. Have questions or need a customization? Call us at (877)442-9964

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  1. 4-4422-C

    Fire King 4-4422-C Lateral File with Medeco High Security Lock

    At 44 inches this is the widest Fire King fireproof file cabinet. The 4-4422 lateral fire file will store many documents. It comes with hardware to store legal size documents side to side and letter size documents front to back. It includes the high security Medeco key lock and comes with a UL one hour fire rating..

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    Compare At: $8,010.00
    Our Price: $4,005.00
    You Save: 50.00%

  2. 4T2510 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 4T2510 4 Drawer Letter File Cabinet with Fire/Impact Resistance

    The Sentry 4T2510 is a sturdy four drawer file cabinet. . Each drawer has a rugged suspension system to make opening and closing drawers easy. It has UL 1 hour fire protection and impact resistance in case a floor burns out from under it. It comes with a plunger key lock and also the lock/unlock system which allows you to keep one drawer open and the others locked.

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    Compare At: $3,288.00
    Our Price: $1,785.00
    You Save: 45.71%

  3. 2S2130-CSCML

    2S2130-CSCML Fire King 1 Hr Fire Rated Vertical File

    The FIre King 2S2130-CSCML is one of two vertical Signature series file cabinets. This is the two drawer model. It is designed to hold legal sized documents. This superior fireproof file cabinet has four UL ratings: 1 hour UL fire rating, UL water resistance rating, UL explosion hazard resistance rating and impact rating. When dropped 30 feet the file cabinet drawers did not break open. Along with being high end the Signature series has the advantage of coming in unique colors or chose your custom color. Also if a side gets dented or scratched, FireKing will come to your office and replace it. Two year limited warranty. Please keep in mind that each Signature file cabinet is a custom order and will take some time to ship. Chose Platinum, Black or Parchment colors for quickest delivery.

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    Compare At: $2,835.00
    Our Price: $1,595.00
    You Save: 43.74%

  4. 3-3122-C

    Fire King 3-3122-C Fire/Impact Rated File Cabinet

    The three (3) drawer 3-3122-C lateral fire file cabinet has high security as well as fire protection. It has the UL rated impact resistant label as well as the UL rated fireproof label. This fire file can be set up to hold legal and/or letter size document. The lock on this model is a UL rated Medeco high security key lock.

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    Compare At: $5,105.00
    Our Price: $2,555.00
    You Save: 49.95%

  5. 4G2500 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 4G2500 4 Drawer Fire Cabinet with Fire Rating

    This product has been discontinued stock status can no longer be guaranteed, please see substitution products on Call us if you have questions.

    The Sentry 4G2500 vertical file cabinet offers 1 hour fire protection for contents. This is certified by UL, Underwriters Laboratory, and independent laboratory. With rugged suspension, the drawers open and close easily even when fully loaded. This fire rated file cabinet can be used to store both legal and letter sized documents.

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    Compare At: $3,168.00
    Our Price: $1,357.40
    You Save: 57.15%

  6. Fireking Patriot 4P1831-C Letter 1 Hour Fire Rated File Cabinet - Black

    Fireking Patriot 4P1831-C 1 Hour Fire Rated Letter File Cabinet

    Economically priced for today’s economy yet features FireKing's signature integrity and high quality, and has been awarded the prestigious UL class 350° one hour fire rating. The Patriot file comes in two and four drawer 31" and 25" models; 25" models (not this model) are equipped to file letter-sized documents front to back or legal-size documents side to side. Features include field replaceable panels, recessed handles and your choice of two popular colors: black and parchment. Backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty. Learn More

    Compare At: $2,695.00
    Our Price: $1,349.00
    You Save: 49.94%

  7. 2-1831-C

    2-1831-C Fire King Fire/Impact Rated Vertical File

    The Fire King 2-1831-C fireproof file cabinet, while small, it provides high security and fire protection. The drrawers are designed to accommodate letter sized documents. The two (2) drawer vertical fireproof file cabinet is UL rated fireproof for one hour.

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    Compare At: $2,820.00
    Our Price: $1,415.00
    You Save: 49.82%

  8. 3T3110 Sentry Fire FIle -black

    Sentry 2T3110 2 Drawer File Cabinet with Fire/Impact Protection

    The Sentry 2-Drawer Letter Vertical file cabinet has deep drawers for plenty of storage for important documents. It comes with a UL rating one hour fire rating as well and a UL impact rating. A UL impact rating means that a model has been dropped 30 feet and the file remained intact and the drawers locked. The two drawer 2T3110 is short and sturdy enough to hold other important office equipment such as a phone.

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    Compare At: $2,575.00
    Our Price: $1,115.40
    You Save: 56.68%

  9. 3-1943-2

    3-1943-2 Fire King Fire/Impact Rated Vertical File

    If (3) three drawers is the right size for you, you cannot do better than the sturdy build and 2 hour UL fire rating on the 3-1831-C. It has also been UL rated for impact resistance; drawers did not break open after a 30 foot fall in a fire. This fireproof file is designed to hold letter size hanging file folders. Chose from our always in stock colors: Black, Platinum and Parchment for quickest delivery.

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    Compare At: $5,055.00
    Our Price: $2,529.00
    You Save: 49.97%

  10. 2L3600 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 2L3600 2 Drawer File Cabinet with Fire Rating

    Sentry Safe 2-Drawer Lateral Fire File provides letter and legal filing for your valuable records.With this type of security you can be assured that not only will your files and documents not be damaged but also secured from theft. It comes with UL one hour fire protection and explosion hazard resistance. The drawers pull in and out easily because of a rugged suspension system.

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    Compare At: $4,069.00
    Our Price: $1,725.90
    You Save: 57.58%

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