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Fireproof Files

Keep your records safe and secure with a fireproof file cabinet from We offer fire rated cabinets from such popular brands as Sentry Safe and Fire King, Choose from fire rated, impact rated, explosion rated, and even water proof fireproof filing cabinets to perfectly match the needs of your office or home. Have questions or need a customization? Call us at (877)442-9964

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  1. 2-1929-2

    2-1929-2 Fire King Fire/Impact/Explosion Rated Vertical File

    The 2-1929-2 is a two (2) drawer fireproof file cabinet designed to hold letter size documents. Proudly made in the USA it has superior fire protection and has earned a 2 hour UL rated firproof label. This is a vertical file cabinet with a Medeco high security key lock. For quickest delivery, chose from in stock colors: Black, Platinum, Parchment.

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  2. 4L4300 Sentry Fire File -black

    Sentry 4L4300 4 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Fire Rating

    This is an extra large Sentry filing cabinet. It is 43 inches wide and has four drawers. Drawers have large capacity storage for both legal and lateral documents. The rugged suspension of the drawers allows for easy movement even when the drawers are fully loaded. The 4L4300 has a UL 1 hour fire rating.

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    Our Price: $4,244.60
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  3. 3G3131 Sentry Fire Safe - black

    Sentry 3G3131 3 Drawer Vertical File Cabinet with Fire/Water/Impact Protection

    This Sentry 3 drawer fire rated file cabinet is built to last! Fitted with Medeco locks for extra security against pry attacks, picking, and other break-in attempts, this cabinet will keep your files and records safe. Protected against fire, explosion, impact and water. The vertical file will accommodate either legal or letter size documents.

    Free Digital Media Chest!

    Get a free digital media chest, the Sentry 1100, when you order this fire rated cabinet! Protect hard drives, discs, tapes, memory sticks, and other digital media in this 1/2 hour fire rated case!

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    Our Price: $1,730.30
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  4. 4G31110 Sentry Fire File - black

    Sentry 4G3110 4 Drawer File Cabinet with FIre/Impact Protection

    This is a large  capacity fire protection file cabinet for storage of your most valuable documents, files and records. The Sentry 4G3110  4-Drawer fire rated file cabinet will hold both legal and letter size documents. It has a UL one hour fire rating and a UL impact rating. The model was dropped 30 feet and the file remained intact and the drawers locked.

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    Our Price: $1,639.00
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  5. 4B2100 Sentry Fire File -putty

    Sentry 4B2100 Fire/Water/Impact Rated Vertical File-Media Cabinet

    This product has been discontinued, please see substitution products on Call us if you have questions.

    The 4B2100 is the new Sentry lighter weight, 21" deep, fire and water resistant vertical file cabinet. It has four drawers and is rated by ETL to protect digital media such as CDs. Each drawer can be set up to hold both legal and letter documents.

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  6. 2G2510 Sentry Fire File -black

    Sentry 2G2510 2 Drawer File Cabinet with Fire/Impact Resistance

    This Sentry 2G2510 2 Drawer file cabinet is rated against fire, impact, and explosions. With a drawer-specific lock/unlock provision you wil have additional security by being able to isolate individual drawers. Both legal and letter size hanging file folders can fit the drawers of  this cabinet.

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    Compare At: $2,194.00
    Our Price: $959.20
    You Save: 56.28%

  7. MF35E

    MF35E Mesa UL Rated 1 Hour Fire Safe

    MESA's MF35E UL-FIRE Fire Safes protects valuables from the consequences of fire or extreme heat damage. Keep your passpor t, bir th cer tificate, deeds, insurance information and other vital documents and possessions secure from fire, should the unthinkable happen. These durable safes are All-Steel constructed; as is MESA's entire line of safes. This is a great safe for home or business. The electronic lock is easy to program and easy to access. Included is an override key. The MF35E offers UL-Classified 1-hour fire rating that is tested under severe temperatures of heat, followed by an impact test, for complete quality assurance. The impact test drops the safe from a height of 30 feet, the contents remaining inside, then reheated for an additional 45 minutes to guarantee durability.

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    Our Price: $211.99
    You Save: 78.12%

  8. 3-4422-C

    3-4422-C Fire King Fire/Impact Rated Lateral File

    The 3-4422-C is an extra wide lateral fireproof file cabinet. You can store legal size documents side to side and letter size documents from to back - hardware inlcuded. With one hour fire protection, the file cabinet also has tested UL rated impact resistant.

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  9. 2L3010 Sentry FIre File - black

    Sentry 2L3010 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet with Fire Rating

    The Sentry 2L3010 lateral file cabinet is a has two drawers with rugged suspension for easy movement. The 2L3010  file cabinet comes with one hour UL rated fire protection. It will hold either legal or letter documents. Also it is UL rated for impact - drawers stay locked in a 30 foot fall.

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    Our Price: $2,058.70
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  10. 2S3122-CSCML

    Fire King 2S3122-CSCML 1 Hr Fire Rated Impact/Water Lateral File

    The FIre King 3S322-CSCML three drawer later file is 31" wide and so will fit in many spaces. This is a high end lateral file cabinet with four UL rating. It is rated for 1 hour fire protection, for water resistance. It passed the UL explosion hazard resistance testing as well as the Ul impact testing. The nine bright colors offered standard on the Signature series are unique. Also we can match any color paint you wish. Please keep in mind that each Signature safe is a custom order and will take some time to ship. For quickest shipment, pick Platinum, Black or Parchment colors.

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Items 41 to 50 of 101 total

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