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Fireproof Files

Keep your records safe and secure with a fireproof file cabinet from We offer fire rated cabinets from such popular brands as Sentry Safe and Fire King, Choose from fire rated, impact rated, explosion rated, and even water proof fireproof filing cabinets to perfectly match the needs of your office or home. Have questions or need a customization? Call us at (877)442-9964

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  1. 4-1825-C

    4-1825-C Fire King Fire/Impact Rated File Cabinet

    Fire King fireproof file cabinet 25" models offer peace of mind with UL 350F 1hr classified fire protection. This smaller more economical fireproof file cabinet is economical but has all the advantages of the larger products. Free shipping includes dock to dock delivery. The 25" Fire King models are usually in stock and take about 7 days for delivery.

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    Compare At: $3,550.00
    Our Price: $1,775.00
    You Save: 50.00%

  2. 4S4422-CSCML

    4S4422-CSCML FireKing Lateral Impact/Explosion/1 Hr Fire File Cabinet

    This is the widest four drawer Fire King Lateral file of the SIgnature series. This is a high end safe with 9 standard colors and a special durable powder coat finish. The Signature series comes with four UL ratings! It has a one hour UL fire rating meant to keep the the interior ast 350F or less when exposed to hot fire. Also if the floor would burn out from under the safe, UL has tested it with a 30 foot drop and the door did not break open. Also UL tested it for explosion hazard resistance. The UL water resistant rating means that when the lateral safe was exposed to sprinkler or water hose spray the seals on the safe kept contents straight. Each Signature file is considered a custom order so allow time for delivery. For quickest shipment, pick Black, Platinum or Parchment colors..



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    Compare At: $7,320.00
    Our Price: $4,109.00
    You Save: 43.87%

  3. 2S4422-CSML

    2S4422-CSML Fire King 1 Hr Fire Rated Lateral File

    The FIre King 2S4422-CSCML at 44" is the widest of the two drawer Signature series. This superior fireproof file cabinet has four UL ratings: 1 hour UL fire rating, UL water resistance rating, UL explosion hazard resistance rating and impact rating. When dropped 30 feet the file cabinet drawers did not break open. Along with being high end the Signature series has the advantage of coming in unique colors or chose your custom color. Also if a side gets dented or scratched, FireKing will come to your office and replace it. Two year limited warranty. Please keep in mind that each Signature file cabinet is a custom order and will take some time to ship. Chose Platinum, Black or Parchment colors for quickest delivery.

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    Compare At: $4,510.00
    Our Price: $2,535.00
    You Save: 43.79%

  4. 2S3822-CSCML

    2S3822-CSCML Fire King Lateral 1 Hr Fire File Cabinet

    The FIre King 2S3822-CSCML three drawer later file is 38" wide and will fit in many places. This signature series safe is very high quality safe with features such as UL 1 hour fire rating. This lateral file cabinet carries three other UL fire ratings: resistance to explosion hazard, impact rating to test whether the door stays closed after a 30 ft drop, and finally water resistance rating. The uniqueness of the Signature series are the 9 standard colors offered. Also you can order a color to match your office decor paint. Please keep in mind that each Signature safe is a custom order and will take some time to ship. Pick Parchment, Black or Platinum colors for quickest shipment.

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    Compare At: $4,510.00
    Our Price: $2,359.00
    You Save: 47.69%

  5. 3-4422-C

    3-4422-C Fire King Fire/Impact Rated Lateral File

    The 3-4422-C is an extra wide lateral fireproof file cabinet. You can store legal size documents side to side and letter size documents from to back - hardware inlcuded. With one hour fire protection, the file cabinet also has tested UL rated impact resistant.

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    Compare At: $6,980.00
    Our Price: $3,495.00
    You Save: 49.93%

  6. Fireking Patriot 4P1831-C Letter 1 Hour Fire Rated File Cabinet - Black

    Fireking Patriot 4P1831-C 1 Hour Fire Rated Letter File Cabinet

    Economically priced for today’s economy yet features FireKing's signature integrity and high quality, and has been awarded the prestigious UL class 350° one hour fire rating. The Patriot file comes in two and four drawer 31" and 25" models; 25" models (not this model) are equipped to file letter-sized documents front to back or legal-size documents side to side. Features include field replaceable panels, recessed handles and your choice of two popular colors: black and parchment. Backed by a manufacturer’s 10-year limited warranty. Learn More

    Compare At: $2,695.00
    Our Price: $1,349.00
    You Save: 49.94%

  7. 4-1831-C

    4-1831-C Fire King Fire/Impact Rated Vertical File Cabinet

    This four (4) drawer vertical file cabinet from Fire King is  UL rated fireproof. The one hour fire rating and heavy duty build make this a great choice for sotring your important documents.  The 4-1831-C is designed to hold letter sized documents.

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    Compare At: $4,300.00
    Our Price: $2,155.00
    You Save: 49.88%

  8. 4-2157-2

    4-2157-2 Fire King Fire/Impact Rated Vertical Fire File

    This two hour UL rated fireproof file cabinet offers double the fire protection compared to most fire file cabinets on the market. FireKing has developed the Thermocell II insulation that makes this possible. This four (4) drawer vertical file cabinet is designed to hold letter size documents only. For quickest delivery chose from our always in-stock colors: Black, Platinum, Parchment..

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    Compare At: $5,605.00
    Our Price: $2,805.00
    You Save: 49.96%

  9. 3-2131-CSF

    3-2131-CSF Fire King Fire/Water Resistant Safe in a File

    The 3-2131-CSF fireproof file includes both  UL 1 Hour fire and impact rating. The interior is graphite. Safe-in-a-File models may have key or e-lock options installed in regular drawers. The top section of the file looks like a drawer, but really conceals a security safe. That false drawer opens only with a key lock. For fastest delivery, chose Black, Platinum and Parment colors.

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    Compare At: $5,255.00
    Our Price: $2,629.00
    You Save: 49.97%

  10. 4S3122-CSCML

    Fire King 4S3122-CSCML Fire/Impact/Explosion/Water SIgnature Lateral File

    FireKing® Signature Series file cabinets provide the ultimate blend
    of strength and style. Available in vertical and lateral models, all come
    with the quality construction and design features that make FireKing.

    FireKing Signature Series vertical files feature drawers with 13/8" extra
    clearance to accept the largest types of documents – international style A-4, box files, binders, foolscap, ledger and folio sizes.

    Each signature safe is a customer order...please allow 8 weeks for delivery

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    Compare At: $5,130.00
    Our Price: $2,885.00
    You Save: 43.76%

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