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Home/Office Safes

Fireproof home safe gives individuals the protection the need. They provide a way to secure important documents and other valuables. The fireproof home safes listed on this page are designed to be bolted down to guard against theft. Special insulation and door seals provide the 1/2 hr to 2 hr fire protection these models offer. All these models are less than 34" high. If you need a larger fire rated model, click below.

These models are equally appropriate for the office or retail store. Many people buy these models to store important office papers and extra keys. All of the Sentry models are rated to protect media such as DVDs, CDs, USB drives and diskettes.

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  1. Electronic Lock

    Mesa MGL24 Lite 30 Minute Fire 24 Rifle Safe

    Get PGP protection with a Mesa Lite Gun Safe (lite on your back, lite on your wallet). These safes are an economic alternative when looking for secure storage space for your valuables, ammunition, handguns, shotguns, long guns, firearms knives or any other weapons that you own. All steel construction (with no plastic body parts) built to handle temperatures of 1200 degrees on the exterior for up to 30 minutes. Drill and punch resistant locks also give you added security against burglary. Keep your valuables and your guns out of the hands of children and other inexperienced folks using these safes.

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