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Standard Fire Safes

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  1. MFS170DDE

    MFS170DDE Mesa Two Hour Fire/Impact Safe

    The solid steel construction and heavy bolts on the MFS170DDE are burglary deterrents but so is sthe large size and heavy weight. This is a heavy duty safe with large capacity storage for home or business. It has adjustable shelves and locking drawer in the interior. Extra tall and extra wide, this safe has double doors. The handle can be locked with a key. Basic access is with an electronic keypad lock which is easy to use and allows fast entry into the safe.

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  2. CF7236-MD

    CF7236-MD Fire King Water/1 Hr Fire Rated Medical Storage Cabinet

      UL 350 1 Hour Fire Rating
    This medical records storage cabinet has the prestigious Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label for fireproof protection and meets & exceeds the UL 72 testing standards.
     Water Protection - 95% of fires have water present

    ETL RATED for Sprinklers and fire hoses that often cause more damage than the fire itself. All FireKing storage cabinets are designed to prevent water damage resulting from water sprinkler systems and fire hoses. FireKing, the best records protection you can buy, will protect your documents from water, fire and more.
     Key Lock Medeco
    All FireKing files come standard with a Medecco high-security key lock. Programmable electronic locks are available for most FireKing files. You can specify one E-lock for the cabinet or order your fire safe file with E-locks on each filing drawer (Turtle™ files are equipped with standard key locks).
     All FireKing record storage cabinets are proudly Made in the USA in New Albany, Indiana. Support the Buy American Act and shop the best records protection you can buy - FireKing.
     1/2 Hour ETL Rating: This fireproof records storage cabinet is certified to protect external hard drives, thumb drives, flash drives, memory cards, CD's DVD's from heat for 30 minutes.

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  3. MTLF2518

    MTLF2518 Mesa UL TL-30 Rated Burglary and Fire Safe

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    This Mesa TL30 Safe, the MTLF2518, has the ability to withstand severe attacks by experienced U.L. experts using powerful tool such as sledgehammers, power saws, carbide disc cutters, drills, etc. Each Mesa TL Safe offers a 2 Hour, 350°F factory rating, ensuring the protection of the vault's contents against intense fires. In other words this safe has the fire protection and burglary protection that insurance companies require for valuable products and collections.

    A massive 1-1/2" diameter chrome plated solid steel locking bolts, each bolt moves deep into the body's protected bolt chambers. The safe is equipped with heavy-duty solid steel hinges. The Mesa MTLF2518 offers a massive solid steel hard plate covering the entire body. The formed body has a total protective thickness of 3-1/2" enclosing a high-density fire resistant composite material with nuggets and steel fibers. The reinforced drill resistant doorframe protects the door and each individual bolt chamber from severe side attacks. If your needs call for high security, the MTLF2518 is the product for you.











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