Why An Independent Lab Rating Is Important for Fire Safe

As of now there is no one standard in the USA to assure that the rating companies advertise for their fire safes meet a set criteria. For this reason it is important for consumers to make sure that the fire safes they purchase have been rated by an independent laboratory which has no interest in helping the manufacturer make sales.

The fire safes on this site are rated by the independent laboratories. It is important for manufacturers to use an independent, third party laboratory to assess the quality of their products.

When fire safes are rated by an independent, technically expert organization that doesn't have financial interest in the product, it assures that the public gets the protection the manufacturer advertises. The laboratories that rate the safes on this site are not affiliated with the government in any way as well.

UL Laboratories
The Underwriters Laboratories, Inc (UL) is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental organization that was established in 1894.  At that time in the USA, there was no organization or law to protect comsumers from potentially dangeruous products. Originally ULs focus was product safety and they created procedures to assess risk for the public safety. Over the years, UL has also rated products for burglary and fire-resistance.

UL's independent status allows it to give an unbiased assessment of products.

Is another major independent laboratory. ETL SEMKO is a division of Intertek.  It traces its roots back to Thomas Edison who invented the first light bulb. He could see that electronic devices could be dangerous and felt it was necessary to set up a way to test electronic lamps for safety. He established ETL in 1904 with ETL standing for Electrical Testing Laboratories. In 1978,  ETL moved to Cortland, NY and launched its Product Safety Certification program which is recognized by OSHA. ETL is committed to paying close attention to quality, detail and safety.

At the FireSafeStore we are proud to offer you a large selection of products all rated by independent laboratories. We are more than happy to help you make your selection. Please feel free to call us a 1 (877) 442-9964 or send your questions by email.

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