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"Fireproof Safe"

When the industry refers to a fireproof safe it means that product provides fire protection. There is no law that requires a fireproof safe to bear any particular label. Many companies use the UL label on their fireproof safe models. This article will provide you with information about the testing of a fireproof safe that is required for a UL label.

General Information

There are no laws requiring labeling of a security product that claims it provides fire protection. It is voluntary by manufacturers. All the products on this web site bear a fire protection label from an independent laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratory Inc (UL).

About UL

Underwriters Laboratory was founded to test products for public safety. It was founded in 1894 and since has tested products and materials for safety. This includes whether or not a product provides the fire protection it claims.

How Does UL Test

There are 72 testing standards that UL applies to insulated records containers. There are four different fire resistance tests:

-- fire endurance
-- fire and impact
-- explosion hazard
-- explosion and impact

UL Label

Temperature - the UL label lists a temperature which is the maximum terpratrue allowed inside the product during testing. This is based on the contents. For example, paper chars at 350F. So a product will not get a Ul label if the interior temperature reaches above 350F.

Time - the UL label lists a time which is how long the product was tested and succeeded in maintaining the required temperature and humidity.

The products on this website have either a UL or ETL label. Please feel free to call us with any questions you have about your choice. We can be reached M-F, 9-5 eastern time at 1 (877) 442-9964. Feel free to email your questions at any time.

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